1. Edamame (soybeans)                      3.95
     Baby soybeans prepared in hot boil water and sprinkle salt on top
2. Thai Egg Roll (4)                              4.95
     Deep fried egg roll, stuffed with clear noodles 
     and vegetables, served with plum sauce
3. Fried Wonton (8)                               7.95
     Stuffed with ground pork and shrimp wrapped in   
     wonton skin, deep fried, served w/ plum sauce
4. Crab Rangoon (6)                             5.95
     Cream cheese mixed w/ crab meat wrapped in   
     wonton skin & deep fried, served w/ plum sauce
5. Fried Tofu                                          4.95
     Served w/ crushed peanuts sweet sauce
6. Fresh Spring Roll (2)                        7.95
     Steamed rice paper stuffed w/ tofu, Chinese  
     sausage, cucumber, bean sprout, green onion &  
     egg. Served w/ tamarind sauce
7. Fish Cake (4)                                     7.95
     Deep fried, spiced fish cake, served w/ sweet  
     chili cucumber salad, topped w/ crushed  peanuts
8. Shrimp Cake (4)                                7.95
     Deep fried, spiced shrimp cake, served w/sweet   
     chili cucumber salad, topped w/crushed peanuts
9. Chicken Satay (4)                             8.95
     Grilled marinated chicken on skewers, served  
     w/ homemade peanut sauce & cucumber salad
10. Thai Jerky (beef or pork)               7.95
      Marinated pork or beef over night to perfection  
      deep fried and served with hot and sour sauce
11. Shrimp Roll (7)                               8.95
      Crispy fried shrimp wrapped in egg roll skin     
      served w/ plum sauce
12. Thai Toasted                                   7.95
      Crispy toast topped w/ minced chicken and 
      shrimp, served w/ cucumber salad


1. Tom Yum..chicken                           8.95
                  …shrimp                            10.95
     Lemongrass, lime leaves and galangal     
     infused broth, mushrooms, tomatoes & lime juice
     w/ your choice of meat, sprinkled  w/ cilantro and
     green onion
2. Tom Kha...chicken                          9.95
                 …shrimp                             10.95
     Similar to Tom Yum, but counter-balanced w/  
     coconut milk for a creamier version
3. Po-Tak                                             12.95
    (Tom Yum Seafood)
     Tom Yum broth served w/shrimp, squid, catfish,
     green mussels, scallops, mushrooms,tomatoes,
     ginger & fresh basil leaves
4. Wonton Soup                                    9.95
     Clear broth, wontons, chicken, pork, shrimp,    
     veggie, sprinkled w/ cilantro & green onion


5. Tofu Soup            …small          5.95         
                                 ....Large         8.95

    Clear broth w/ tofu, ground pork, cilantro, green  
    onions & veggie
6. Silver Noodle Soup ...small       5.95
                                    …Large      8.95
    Clear broth w/ silver noodles, ground pork, 
    green onions & veggie
7. Vegetable Soup     …..small      4.95
                                   ..…Large     7.95
    Clear broth with carrots, napa, baby corn,  
    broccoli and snow peas
8. Egg Drop Soup      .…..small     4.95
                                   ……Large   8.95
     Minced chicken, egg, celery in our special   
     tapioca starch soup

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